Simon The Tanner & One Mile End – Kvass!

We were quite chuffed to be doing our first collab with the lovely folk from Simon The Tanner, they decided on a Kvass Sour Saison. With the new brewery, comes more space to make lots more beer! So hopefully, this is the start of many beery collabs.

Kvass is a traditional Slavic and Baltic fermented grain beverage. It usually has a tangy fermented taste, sweetened with honey, raisins or mint. It is enjoyed whilst still fermenting which leaves a naturally carbonated feel on the tongue. We love Kvass! It’s tart and refreshing and we wanted to pay homage to this delicious beverage by beering it up.

Kvass is usually made from black or just regular rye bread, the colour of the bread helps to influence the colour of the resulting beverage.  In our version we amped up the flavours by using toasted rye bread and a French saison yeast strain. The wort was left to sour in the kettle for 48 hours before a touch of Columbus hops were added towards the end of the boil. The finished beer will bear a delicious, toasted bready flavour with a hint of sourness. It is soon to be kegged and released at Simon The Tanner so stay tuned for the launch party!

Follow us on; Twitter, Instagram & Facebook on @onemileend to see more photos of days brew. Massive thanks to Simon The Tanner, for coming down. And Karaway bakery for the rye bread.

Toasted rye bread Toasted rye bread

All hands on deck All hands on deck

Brewing beneath the streets Mashing in

Kvass sour saison taking shape The mash

Sparing Sparging

IMG_2878Propose a toast!

IMG_2898Brewing beneath the street

Kvass sour saison smelling pretty good Kvass wort smelling pretty good

Simon The Tanner & OME Ollie Simon The Tanner & OME Ollie


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