Friday 6th, April 2018: KaraUke at The Birdcage!

FRIDAY 6TH, APRIL 2018: KARAOKE – with a twist!

We’re going to be throwing it back with the Birdcage to their karaoke days of the past, and taking it up a level. Front your own ukelele band jamming your favourites with our beers on tap for your liquid courage!

THE BAND: What is KaraUke? It’s a band, rather than a karaoke machine. In the band are 5 ukulele players, a bass player and a cajon player. Instead of having a bouncing ball on a screen, you read the words on the page. Instead of it being a machine that doesn’t know if you’ve forgotten how a bit goes, the band will helpfully sing backing vocals if you need them. The other people in the crowd are friends you haven’t met yet and they’ll be singing along with you because the words are projected onto a screen behind you. See you there!


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LOCATION: The Birdcage, 80 Columbia Road, London, E2 7QB